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Are you are looking for fellow baking and pastry enthusiasts? Welcome to

This site has been a long-time dream of mine, and I look forward to what is in store for us over the course of the next few months and years as develops. We’re in truly “beta” status, if you will. . .we’re still waiting for some of the yeast to treat us well, the butter to warm, the chocolate to temper. But, when it all comes together, we’re certain you’ll enjoy all that has to offer.

If you’re like us, you love to bake. And not just cakes, pies and breads. . .but pastry, candies, savory breads. . .any kind of dessert or carb-loaded goodies, that’ll put a smile on your face and temper that growl in your belly. Really!

As a fellow home baker and pastry maker, I would like to turn this site into a community of like-minded spirits, to have it evolve into a place where home-bakers can grab tips on baking, and where professional pastry chefs can gather resources for their pastries, dessert ingredients and baking equipment.

I also hope to make this page universal in scope so international desserts are certainly welcome! If you are the owner of a pastry shop or bakery and would like me to feature your shop on my page, just drop me a line and we’ll put you in there!

As things progress, we’ll also be featuring more than just deals, we’ll also be interviewing pastry chefs and bakers to find out how they became professional chefs and discover from each of these trailblazers, what it is like to work in a pastry kitchen!

We’ll also take a look at culinary schools to find out where the best teachers are located around the world. If you’re a stagiere or want to be one, just might be a great place for you to start looking for a wonderful career in the pastry arts!

I look forward to a productive and fruitful relationship with you; my fellow dessert lovers around the world!


Doc Kane the Traveling Baker

Doc Kane
April 4, 2021

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If you are an agent or publisher and would like us to review a recent baking, pastry or dessert themed book, please send three (3) copies of the book to the address below. The reason we request three is as follows: one for the reviewer, one for our review contest winner, and one for our library. All library editions will be donated to a library we are currently looking to support with a baking wing. Yeah! Autographed books are especially appreciated, and our readers love ‘em!!!

Thanks from the entire team at!

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