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Ateco Double Sided Crinkle Cut Biscuit and Cookie Cutters

Known aliases:

biscuit cutters, donut cutters, doughnut cutters, cookie cutters, beignet cutters


tall stack of buttery biscuits, The Baker

Embraced by European and American Biscuit Bakers Alike

The Back-Story:

Ah, the humble biscuit. Cookie to some, quick bread to others … we like both for sure … except for that hardtack variety. But, then again, we’ve heard Fish House Restaurant in Pensacola, Florida makes a wonderful Hardtack Gazpacho salad that even made the Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern make a dive-in for seconds. What we’re covering in this back-story is the incredible American quick bread-type biscuit. The kind your grandmother whipped up for you every Sunday morning in her kitchen if you were lucky, and if you weren’t, then maybe you snagged a few from a local Southern restaurant who specialized in biscuits and gravy. Yum. Well, in each instance, we have African American inventor Alexander Ashbourne to thank for helping us speed up the production of our lovely flaky biscuits. In 1875 Ashbourne, a dry foods grocer originally from Philadelphia, patented an early version of the biscuit cutter that was actually attached to a cutting board that allowed for multiple biscuits to be cut at once. The unique device also had spring hinges that allowed for the the biscuit cutters to release the dough quickly, and a hide-away for one’s rolling pin. We need to get one of those. Unlike the venerable Mr. Ashbourne’s unique but heavy biscuit cutter, our featured crinkle-cut biscuit cutters from Ateco are a bit less bulky and a heck of a lot lighter. They’ll also keep you a happy baker for years to come.


How you use it / Why you need it:

Have you ever tried to cut biscuits out with a knife? Not fun. It also leaves a lot of extra dough that you then have to re-incorporate into your entire batch, running the risk of overworking the dough, and that’s never a good thing when you’re aiming for a tender and flaky biscuit. These multi-purposes crinkle cut AND smooth biscuit cutters from Ateco will help you protect your sanity and your biscuits. Simply cut them through the dough, give ‘em a slight twist, pull up and you’re good to go!

Why we like this particular model:

Ateco makes a lot of things that we like here at … perhaps because they cater to bakers and pastry makers like you and me! They also pay a lot of attention to quality construction, and that’s why the pros use their tools religiously. I’ve seen these Ateco biscuit cutters in so many kitchens it’s not funny. And they’re great because they can be used to cut SO many things. Need some sugar cookies? Use this biscuit cutter. Cutting holes in doughnuts? Use this biscuit cutter. Need to cut different sizes of biscuits? This biscuit cutter has you covered. Unlike the biscuit cutters I used to own, which had handles on them (seems convenient, but not so as they break easily) these biscuit cutters are handle free an store inside one another right inside your drawer. Easy to find, easy to use biscuit cutters. We love ’em.

Like my dad always told me, “It’s all about having the right tool for the right job.” That’s what The Baker’s Dozen is all about!

The technical stuff:

  • Five piece set (picture above should the 5th cutter inside AND outside the entire unit.)
  • Round double-sided crinkle cut AND smooth cut biscuit/cookie cutter set
  • Sizes ranging from 1.5’ dia – 3″ dia.
  • Stainless steel material is dishwasher safe
  • Ateco Graduated Double-Sided Crinkle Cut Biscuit/Cookie Cutters

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