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Ateco Professional Round Boar Bristle Pastry Brush

Known aliases:

basting brush, glazing brush


Pastry Brush for Perfect Phyllo Dough Every Time

This phyllo pastry picture by Mofeda Dababo is just scrumptious.

Sold Door-to-Door Since 1941

The Back-Story:

“I will be courteous; I will be kind; I will be sincere; I will be helpful.” These are the words every Fuller Brush salesman would have locked into memory before knocking on the door of your newly built suburban household in post WWII America. After welcoming him into your home kitchen and watching him unpack his marvelous suitcase of household brushes for you to gaze over, he’d most likely offer you a free gift – a pastry brush not unlike the Ateco Boar Bristle Brush we feature. Ah, the “good ’ol days!”

Well, pastry brushes have come a long way since Henry Cave, Fuller Brush company designer and inventor of the original flame thrower, was issued an “ornamental” patent in 1941 for the “invention” of a new pastry brush. And pastry chefs and kitchen mavens should be glad. They’re much more versatile, sanitary and remain intact than the day’s of the traveling salesman. And, they’re an essential part of any home cook – not just bakers!

How you use it/Why you need it:

A professional pastry brush is a must for ever kitchen. Why? Because if you’re ever looking to baste a roast, slather your ribs (not your own, of course … well, hmmm … maybe!), or glaze a pie, you’re going to need a good pastry brush. Want to do it with precision for delicate pastries and unique highlighting? Then you’re going to most certainly need a professional brush – one that can withstand the rigors of a professional kitchen and survive well in the kitchen of a home baker as well.

Why we like this particular model:

What makes this Ateco model a great pastry brush? Well, other than the fact that to most pastry chefs, Ateco “means” pastry. Most chefs prefer natural boar bristle brushes for the precision they provide as well as for their longevity. These Ateco brushes are also epoxy sealed into their “ferrule” (the metal tube or clasp that holds the bristles in place) to remain free of bacteria, and also to prevent the bristles of the pastry brush from ending up in your food. No one likes that. If you’ve ever bought a cheap paint brush at the store, and looked at all the bristles that fall out of the brush when painting, you’ll understand why this is an important quality to have in a professional pastry brush. Other things worth noting? These natural boar bristle Ateco pastry brushes will also hold more liquid than silicone brushes, more pliable than others and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees for hot glazes and basting.

Like my dad always told me, “It’s all about having the right tool for the right job.” That’s what The Baker’s Dozen is all about!

The technical stuff:

The sterilized, bleached natural boar bristles can withstand temperatures up to 500°F,
Bristles are epoxy-set to ferrule
Lacquered hardwood handles

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