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The “how tos” and “what nots” of baking. Educational know-how that’ll keep you informed and baking like a master in your own kitchen.

How to Shrink Portion Sizes

How to Shrink Portion Sizes

So we have all been there before, we find a recipe that looks really good, but when we look a little closer we realize that the recipe makes an absurd amount. I can say from personal experience that reducing a recipe can be a little confusing. Take for instance when I tired to make a batch of caramel sticky buns….Mmmmm sticky buns. The recipe made twenty-eight, but I only wanted twelve. What did I do?

Baking at High Altitudes

Baking at High Altitudes

Whether you live in a sky-reaching locale like Colorado, as our friends at Mermaids Bakery and Pie House do, or you’re just visiting one, you may have noticed that when you’re thousands of miles above sea level your desserts can end up. . .well, a bit flat. So what goes wrong? Well, it’s all about sea level, and being too far above it. Never fear, though, with some quick adjustments baking in the clouds can be a breeze.

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